Play Sport and learn English

Chi siamo

We are a big family of people in love with sports and in love with languages. We believe they are two essential skills in people’s lives and we love to give our contribution to young and adults, to achieve big and small improvements in both sides of their lives.

We matched our President’s marketing and communication experience with international clients and our Vice-President skills as an international sports coach, to build up a reality whose ambition is to contribute as much as possible to people’s growth.

Our Mission

We aim to empower students to reach their full potential via a high quality and inspiring education and, at the same time, we are devoted to improve young people’s Language Skills through Sport.


Teaching method

Our method of teaching English as a second language through sport activities gives immense benefits to the learners. It promotes active learning of the language in any environment and it enhance the intellectual, physical and social development of the students.



We believe sport enhances personal abilities, healthy lifestyles and leadership qualities. It is a powerful tool that can change young people’s lives — through a sense of achievement and raising aspirations. And, more importantly, it offers the possibility to meet new people, to see new places and make new experiences. At its core, sport can help improve educational performance across all subjects, develop personal and social skills. It also enhances self confidence, improves learning and offers a way of realising individual dreams

We believe that this is very important for the young generations and we love to do what we do at the best of our abilities and in an appropriate manner.