Play Sport and learn English

Play Basket and learn English


Play Basket and learn English: the effective method to learn the English language

Play Basket and learn English is a Basketball and English programme that allows students to improve their English while they are also participating in a specific basketball training programme. Students taking part in Basketball and English Academy will attend classes in the morning which follow the same layout as a General English Course. Four afternoons per week students participate in a predetermined Basketball training programme with a match being held every week, if feasible. Students go on a half day cultural trip once per week and there is a full day excursion on Saturdays.

English Course

Play Basket and learn English provides students with the best mother tongue teachers, graduated and specialized in teaching English to international students (TEFL). Upon their arrival, students are tested to understand their level of English proficiency, and inserted in the appropriate class, which is formed by a limit of 15 students per class. Teaching focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking in English, with ample space for discussions and debates in the classroom in order to maintain a certain liveliness in learning and improve oral competence and fluency, also emphasizing the competence in writing including the composition of letters, reports and emails. There will be at least 15 hours of English lessons per week. Courses can last from 2 to 3, 4 or 5 weeks. At the end of the course students receive a certificate of attendance certifying completion of the course and the level of English achieved. The English courses are organized in collaboration with a well-established international language academy that has been welcoming students from all over Europe to Ireland and England for over 9 years.

Basketball Academy

Gioca a Basket e impara l'IngleseAthletes train for more than 10 hours per week, in which are included: lectures, coaching, work on individual technique; development of mental strength, and intelligence and skills of Basketball; safe gaming techniques; development of skills and modes of expression suited to team play; games and video analysis. Athletes will be assisted by professional coaches from the best Irish clubs, professional instructors and experts in team building. The educational objective is to guarantee a correct education to sport and to the Basket, in particular in respect of all the stages of the physiological and psycho-pedagogical training of each participant. All levels of Basketball will be taken into account and the fun will be considered a very important aspect of the course.

Dublin and the Colleges

The colleges are located in quiet and green areas of the city of Dublin and have classrooms with modern teaching support and teaching equipment. Sports facilities include: basketball courts, hockey pitches, volleyball courts, soccer fields, rugby courts, synthetic fields, a fitness center, tennis courts, golf courses, equestrian centers and swimming pools. There are also facilities to practice many other indoor sports activities.


Host Family

Students attending “Basketball and English” should stay with host families. All our families are inspected and carefully selected by our accommodation officers who maintain regular contact with each host family during a student’s stay. Host families are conveniently located to the colleges and most have many years experience looking after students.
 Accommodation is arranged on a full board basis with packed lunch Monday to Saturday.
Students normally share a room with a student of a similar age but of a different nationality. Unless specifically requested and if feasible there is only one student of any particular nationality in each family.
 Students normally travel to classes each day by public transport like bus, DART (suburban train) or LUAS (tram). Private transfers can also be arranged at an additional cost.
 Living with a host family gives a perspective into Irish family life. The interaction with a host family plays a prominent role in developing language skills.


Boarding schools offer an alternative to the “host family” option for students who wish to immerse themselves in the complete school experience. Boarding offers a unique community orientated way of life and suits students who are outgoing, sporty & adaptable. It offers a comprehensive academic and extracurricular environment which serves to develop each student to their full all-around potential.
The “Basketball and English” campus is a self-contained community, which offers children a degree of independence and freedom to explore whilst providing a safe and secure environment. The well-being of our students is at the heart of our boarding provision. With a generous staff to student ratio, we guarantee round-the-clock care within a happy, well-ordered environment. We encourage staff to cultivate a friendly, lively, family atmosphere to ensure all students feel comfortable, contented and supported while they are away from home.
The College can accommodate residential students on-site, most in comfortable double or triple rooms accommodation. All the accommodation used by the Language School students is of extremely high quality. Each bedroom is either situated very close to our modern wash and toilet facilities or, alternatively, has its own en-suite shower room. Each student will have their own wardrobe, drawers, desk and chair.
The catering facilities provide both hot and cold meals and a wide range of snacks.It is open before school and at break times.

Extra-Curricolar Activities

Sports and cultural activities, carried out in the afternoon, are an integral part of the course and have the role of improving language skills. A cultural trip is organized one afternoon a week. The Saturday is entirely dedicated to a full-day excursion to a place of historical-cultural or naturalistic interest by private bus. For 3 nights every week there are evening activities such as disco, debates and cinema.

The activities programme provides students with an opportunity to absorb some of Ireland’s rich heritage in a fun and relaxed way while also allowing students the opportunity to improve their English. This informal and social aspect of the programme is key to improving language skills. It also allows students from different nationalities to get to know each other outside the classroom. Some of the friendships made at English and Basket will last a lifetime.


All of the staff at Basket and English are committed to offering our students the best education during their stay. We inspire our students to work diligently so they can effectively improve their English proficiency.
Our experienced teaching staff are well trained and highly qualified in what they teach. They are up to date with the latest methods in teaching English as a foreign language and combine academic excellence with sensitivity and receptiveness to each student’s individual needs, talents and potential.
 All teachers are university graduates with qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and are respected for their knowledge and professionalism.
Students travel to the locations with their group leader(s) and one or more activity leader.
All students are supervised by activity leaders. During the day, students take part in supervised school classes, training sessions, activities and excursions. During the evening, students will also have a programme of supervised activities.
All the students have 24-hour emergency assistance.

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